1. Coraya's Avatar
    I tried posting this in another category but no one answered. Ok so here's the deal.
    I just installed a new white housing on my blackberry tour. I know that I have voided warranty.
    The thing is that I pay for the most expensive insurance package on verizon which is 7.99 a month. I was wondering whether I could still receive a replacement via insurance if my white tour decided not to work in the long run. I'm not saying its broken, but I was wondering if my insurance would still cover it if something were to happen. Thank you and I appreciate the info so much in advance.

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    08-03-10 07:09 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You only posted a few hours ago.


    You need to be patient.
    08-03-10 07:52 PM
  3. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    Ummm, isn't the insurance for accidental damage/loss/theft? None of which are your issue. The warranty, extended or otherwise, is for defective equipment. Again, not your situation.
    08-03-10 08:01 PM