1. ska11153's Avatar
    I am wondering if this is normal. When I am on the phone, using the handset and not blue tooth, I sometimes hear what sounds like a vibration. It is not an echo, as I hear the other person just fine, however, it almost sounds like a vibration, kind of like if in a car if you have the bass turned up too much. It is more noticeable when talking to certain people then others, so I venture to guess it has more to do with the sound output of their phone, however, I am curious to hear from others if they have noticed the same thing and if it is normal or not. I checked the enhance call sound feature, and even though it is turned on, the setting is set to normal for everything.

    I have only had my phone for a week or so, and if it is not then I'd like to exchange it sooner than later.

    11-30-09 07:46 PM
  2. GG1's Avatar
    I believe setting it to boost treble on improves sound quality on the Tour. Many have this feature enabled.

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    11-30-09 07:53 PM
  3. jabo052's Avatar
    Never had that problem. Take it to your local Sprint store and tell them it's a problem if it bothers you that much. I think they would swap it for you.
    11-30-09 07:54 PM
  4. eric02SpecV's Avatar
    Well, no matter what it is...it's not normal.

    Now, my question for you. Does it happen with the same people on the other line, or is it random.

    If it's random, then that means it's a problem with your phone definitely. If it only happens when you call certain people, then it MAY be their phone.

    I'd take the phone in and have them give you a replacement.
    11-30-09 08:03 PM
  5. MobileCal's Avatar
    I believe setting it to boost treble on improves sound quality on the Tour. Many have this feature enabled.

    I have this setting on my Tour as well.
    11-30-09 08:12 PM
  6. ska11153's Avatar
    So I have tried to make note of when I notice this a little more. I have noticed it specifically with one person, so I think their phone definitely has a louder output for some reason. However, with others I have noticed it occasionally when they speak up or get really loud for a second. I have also noticed it when dialing someone and the phone is ringing, I hear it a bit when it rings. That being said, do you all think I should get a replacement? Also, enhancing the treble did help a bit.
    12-01-09 06:39 PM
  7. keith102371's Avatar
    mine just started doing this, sounds like the ear speaker is busted, u hear vibratation in the speaker when someone is talking?
    12-07-09 09:15 PM
  8. ska11153's Avatar
    Keith, yes.that is what it was..however, mine was brand new. I took it back and got another one. New one is fine. I heard vibration when certain people spoke (some are louder than others) But it was always there when I called someone and it was ringing, and also it was there when checking voicemail and the computer voice spoke prior to hearing a message.
    12-08-09 07:06 PM