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    I've been away from BB for awhile now, so I'm out of practice (and I was never an expert anyway), But we recently gave my sister-in-law my wife's old tour which she had on BES from her company. When my SIL took it in to verizon they activated it and I belive they did a security wipe as everything looked fresh on it. While activating it they asked her to put in a password and she did, but then later she asked me how to turn the password lock off. I went in to the password settings screen and the enable/disable button is on enable and is grayed out and there is a padlock next to it, also the time out length is the same way.

    Now to my question. Does anybody know how to disable this? and is this some left overs from the BES that was on it before?

    Please help if you can!
    07-25-11 07:54 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Sounds like it has an IT Policy on it from the old company. A "security wipe" will not remove the IT Policy.

    Search for "remove IT policy" and you will find instructions.
    07-25-11 10:59 AM
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    Searching is always a good strategy, but in this case I have the link handy, here: Removing an IT Policy from a BlackBerry phone.
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    07-25-11 12:17 PM
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    Thanks so much JeffH. That cured the problem in very simple steps! I knew there was always something about the CrackBerry Forums that I missed!! It was very superduper helpers! Thanks again CrackBerry!
    07-25-11 07:12 PM