1. TimHimes22's Avatar
    Okay i know this is a dumb question. but i am new to blackberry and not sure what everything means.

    what does the OS 4.5 and OS 5 mean?
    and how can i check what i have?

    12-06-09 02:40 PM
  2. GG1's Avatar
    Operating sytem version. You can check yours by going to options > about or by pressing alt +shift(aA)+ H

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    12-06-09 03:11 PM
  3. mjbesen310's Avatar
    The Tour officially only has the 4.7 OS... (operating system) Hopefully by the end of this year we will get OS 5.0 which changes the OS a little in a good way.
    12-06-09 03:15 PM
  4. Jmilch's Avatar
    I also just got my Tour, and I am very new to BB. But I was able to download the leaked 5.0.230 and install it on my phone no problem. When the official update comes out I can just switch over to it. A quick search would yield you easy instructions.

    The most notable difference is threaded SMS support. Previous versions did not have this. I was used to it on my Touch Pro and Touch Pro2, and I was suprised the BB tour shipped without support for it.

    But the OS 5 update solved that for me. Good luck and welcome!
    12-06-09 03:15 PM