1. pontoon78's Avatar
    not all the time but enough of the time, i am getting emails and are unable to open the attachments. it keeps telling me the format is not recognized or it is too large (not the truncated messages, I know what they are). It is really becoming annoying, most of the time these emails are nothign more than either word documents or stupid crap my friends send me, but that is not the point, its supposed to BE A F'ING SMART PHONE, A FREAKING BLACKBERRY that is supposed to do these things seamlessly otherwise I would just have a regular phone.

    If the I-phone had a flash and was on Verizon I would so have one right now. I am just really frustrated with my Tour and am having some envy of my friend's Iphones, I seem to be the only one with a BBerry. Anyway, I need to see what's up with this email problem.
    11-15-09 09:59 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    The Blackberry Attachment Service gives BES and BIS users the ability to open and view email attachments in the following formats: doc, xls, ppt, wordperfect, pdf, ascii, html, jpg, bmp, gif, png, and tiff, and the zip'd versions of these. If your attachments are not one of these, you won't be able to open them.
    11-15-09 10:07 PM