1. david122575's Avatar
    I've had it since the 15th via Sprint.com. It seems that im noticing more and more ripples, battery cover loose issue is getting worse and my headphone jack is useless. I HATE swapping phones cause having to download new apps, settings, etc...but that headphone issue is something I don't think i can put up with. Its really annoying, I've not used the MP3 til today at the gym and I constantly have to get the connection juuuust right by pulling and pushing, etc....otherwise, it goes on the speaker phone. I am beginning to think Tour is a JUNK phone. I love the aesthetics and everything about the phone but def. failing the bulit quality test! I doubt if this thing will last me 2 years w/o any problems like the 8830 did for me.

    How many of you guys have returned to Tour and like the new Tour better? or do you still have same issues?
    07-23-09 06:24 PM