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    Hello. I am new to the BB forums. I have what I think is an oddball problem. I spent 75 minutes useless minutes on the phone yesterday with a Verizon rep ...

    I have a BB Tour. I don't have a BB e-mail address, but I do have a Bellsouth (my ISP) address and an AOL account.

    My problem is that I am receiving some e-mails, but it's mostly the crap stuff - Facebook updates, spam, etc. What I am NOT receiving is the important stuff, like work assignments or e-mails from clients that I subcontract for. I have tried the battery pull - didn't work. We tried resending the service books - didn't work. I've contacted each of them and asked them to send me test e-mails, which sometimes come through, but then I don't get anything generated directly from them. I work for two different companies, and I get a lot of daily e-mail, but none of them get pushed to my BB.

    Something else very weird that happens, which may or may not be related, is that I will get a notification sound - usually the little "laser beam" sound - to let me know that I've received some sort of message, but when I check it, there's nothing there. Related?

    I have no idea what else to do, except for perhaps wiping the handheld and start over completely. Not a big deal, as all of my info is backed up, and I don't have much in the way of pictures or other information.

    This is extremely frustrating, as I was out yesterday running errands and came home to six very frantic e-mails from a client - e-mails that should have been pushed to my phone but were not. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    10-23-10 02:29 PM
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    I assume the work mails go to your bell south account? First, as you mention that you get a notification sound but no mail, did you check if the messages somehow do not end up in a weird folder. Have you checked the email folder of that account (not the joint message inbox folder)

    Do you get a new email notification icon when you hear the notification sound.
    10-24-10 06:33 PM
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    The work e-mails SHOULD go to my Bellsouth account, but they don't. Truthfully, they should go to my AOL account also, as I have stuff going to multiple boxes to make sure that I receive it.

    Yes, I've checked all of my e-mail inboxes, and there's nothing there, even after I get the notification sound. Like I said, it's extremely weird.
    10-25-10 10:26 AM
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    Ok when you say they SHOULD go through to ur Bell south account, does this account actually receive the emails? Can you check on your laptop/pc in your bell south mail inbox? The same of course for your yahoo account. If you don't see them in your normal inbox also look in the spam box

    It might be that the emails simply don't get forwarded and then of course your bb doesn't receive them either. If this is the case, so if you do receive them in your mail inbox but not in your bb inbox, you can try to delete your mail account(s) and re adding them.

    So go into email set up, delete the account, and then add them again.

    If your work emails do not arrive in your non bb bell south mail or yahoo inbox something goes wrong with your forwarding.

    just to be sure. you did actually check the actual inboxes, so not the joined general bb message inbox? (don't get angry lol, just a double check)
    10-25-10 11:11 AM
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    Believe me, I checked EVERYTHING. I'm constantly checking my spam and junk boxes on my PC and re-routing and re-classifying anything that's not junk, so I don't get much of that anymore.

    And just to be more clear, all Facebook notifications go to my Junk Mail box on my PC by choice, but those - and other junk mail - get pushed to my phone. My important stuff, as in work e-mails and and e-mails from family-friends, do NOT get pushed to my junk box, but then don't get pushed to my phone, either.

    Seriously, I am considering just wiping the entire danged phone and starting over. Turns out my Smartphone isn't as smart as it should be.
    10-28-10 11:25 AM
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    Do you know how long the delay is between the phone vs. when you check email on the computer? My Gmail accounts are almost always in sync. But my hotmail account ranges from 5-15 minutes delays. My hotmail always arrives on the computer first. Even if I read them online, they'll still pop up as new on the phone later. If it's within that 5-20 minute mark like mine then it might be normal for a delay, long or short.
    10-28-10 08:59 PM
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    Ok if you say you have your junk mail is assigned on your pc I assume its in an email program like Outlook. Do you sync this with your Blackberry? I mean like actually connecting it to your pc and choose sync in DM? If not you can reroute and flag messages as spam all you want but this won't effect the way the email is handled at your device. Unless you do it on line or n your actual email account settings. Your BIS account just checks directly in the inbox on the email server of your provider. New mail? It gets pushed to your device.

    I understand from your reply that those work emails do arrive at your pc in outlook?

    A few simple things you can do. Wiping is unnecessary. First I would remove the forward rule from your work mail account and add that again. I remember I had set a few email addresses to be forwarded. Then send a test email to your work account and see if this arrives in your PC inbox and on your BB inbox. There might be some delay on your BB. 3 outcomes possible:

    It arrives both in boxes
    your set. the problem was with the forwarding and not your bb

    It doesn't arrive at all in both in boxes
    then there is something wrong with the forwarding from your work mail. You can then ask your work if you are allowed to access the pop mail from your work on your bb and ask them for the settings.pop server etc.

    It does arrive on your PC and NOT on your bb.
    In this case you remove the email account(s) from your BIS account and re add them again. This usually does the trick. Set up folder>> email settings >> choose the account >> bb button >> delete. Then choose add and follow instructions

    I already suggested this before but you have not mentioned if you did this or not. I am kinda suprised the VZW helpdesk did not suggest this

    Fyi if you wipe your device and install a back up, all your old settings like email accounts will just be reinstalled, so thats pointless unless you don't install the back up. In which case you need to re add the accounts anyway. Simply removing them and the adding them again is much easier with the same effect.
    10-30-10 02:04 AM
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    First, I should specify that when I say "work e-mails," I am a private contractor and I work out of my home. I don't have a corporate e-mail account - I get job assignments and personal e-mails sent to my Bellsouth personal account. Sorry for the confusion. And yes, I do use Outlook for my personal and professional e-mails.

    I do need to try erasing and re-setting my e-mail accounts. Your last suggestion is what's happening in my case, that e-mails come into my Bellsouth account - or AOL or Gmail - then get pushed to Outlook, but never do end up at my phone.

    You mentioned something about forwarding settings. I don't think I have any messages/accounts/e-mail addresses set to forward, so that's not an issue. I didn't think I needed to set e-mails to forward to my BB - don't they do that automatically once my accounts are set up on my BB?

    I did a couple of battery pulls today, and the first time I got a FLOOD of e-mails. The second time I got the audible notification, and the little red stars on the mailboxes saying I had a new message, but when I looked there was nothing there. I will try deleting e-mails and resetting them. If that doesn't work, looks like I'm back to Verizon ... thanks for your help!
    10-31-10 10:40 PM
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    I was under the impression that you had a work mail account from where you forwarded your emails to your other 2 accounts, so scrap that then.

    yeah in this count sounds like a service book/bis problem so delete both accounts and then add them again. Good luck!
    11-01-10 03:42 PM