1. xocuteblondie1x's Avatar
    i received a phone call with no ring, and upon answering i heard nothing out of the phones speaker, and the actual speakerphone. immediately the phone rebooted and afterward, i realized i couldn't get sound from the phone at all, even using a headset jack.. the mute and lock buttons wont work either -__-

    its past the warranty, so im on my own, any ideas?
    01-09-11 02:23 AM
  2. SoccerRef12's Avatar
    What OS are you using? I would suggest a battery pull. Also, there are some threads about Tour batteries being loose and the solution is to put a small piece of an index card on the bottom of the battery as a shim. If neither of those work, try reloading the OS.
    01-10-11 12:03 PM