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    I had a Blackberry curve 8330 which worked wonderfully with 1XEV. Recently switched to Blackberry Tour and ever since things haven't worked well. Even though my phone shows 1XEV in caps, no data throughput takes place. It tries to receive data, and since nothing comes through, it automatically switches to 1X for the data. When in 1X, it works properly. I have called my carrier, Reliance(India) and they took my complaint and after a few days have said that it has been resolved. But that is not the case. I still face the same problem. I have tried everything from a Security Wipe, to a Hard reset and Host Routing Table Registering. Nothing has worked for me.

    From reading the forums, I have come across some posts that have said that the carrier might not have provisioned the 1XEV services properly to my phone. For example, the username and password to authenticate the 1XEV services. When I try to get this resolved with my carrier, they say it is provisioned properly, how else would you get 1XEV in Caps?

    I am clueless on the next step to take. Anybody has any ideas?
    10-19-10 01:02 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If you are within your 30-day return window, request a new device.
    10-19-10 10:28 AM
  3. dinkoarun's Avatar
    Thanks for replying Jeff. So from your post you say it could be a phone issue. I'll see if I can get it replaced. Thanks once again.
    10-19-10 12:58 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    Yes, it sounds like a phone problem to me. If it is, and it's less than 30 days old, you should get a free replacement.
    10-19-10 07:40 PM
  5. dinkoarun's Avatar
    I went to the blackberry engineering screen into the EVDO Session Status Screen. Here i am seeing that my Authentication failed. Looks like the carieer has not enabled it properly. Has anyone got what it means. Here is the result of the EVDO Session Status screen:

    Session State: Open
    Connection State: Idle
    UATI024: 0X42DF93
    AN Auth: Authentication Failed
    Sess Close: Rx session close msg
    EVDO Personality Details
    EVDO Protocol Details
    Support GAUP Token: 1
    SMP Close Time: 7200
    RANHo (Accepted/Value) : false/0
    11-02-10 08:09 AM