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    After watching Kingzee's good vs. bad trackball video, I realized my trackball was even worse than his. I was so pissed, i immediately had Verizon send me a new one cause they didn't have any in the store but they have about 6 in the display room...go figure. I have to say that the replacement phone I just received (Canada 1 Green dot dated 9/18/09) is KICK ***! I can't believe how much of a difference this phone is. I can actually surf the web and even play games on my tour now. Before, the scroll was so bad, i couldn't even move around a web page. This TOUR IS THE ****! Thanks Kingzee again. If it weren't for the video I probably still woulda been sitting aroung waiting for a "software update" to fix this issue.
    09-30-09 11:16 AM