1. jrbjr's Avatar

    That sound at random intervals is driving me crazy. I have looked at all my alerts and have gone silent or vibrate on everything but the phone calls and that ring tone is not the beepbeep-beepbeep I hear maybe every 10 minutes, then maybe every thiry minutes, very random and I have no idea what I did to make it start, but PLEASE tell me how to turn it off.....

    I had thought it was low battery, but it happens fully charged.

    09-30-09 07:35 AM
  2. dcgore's Avatar
    I guess you got yourself one with character, unfortunately i have not heard of the beep beep before. Did you try the standard battery pull? and did you check the alarm?
    09-30-09 09:19 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Do you have any Weather programs installed. Some of those have audible and led alerts that can be triggered by weather events.

    What other programs do you have installed that might have an altert associated with it.
    09-30-09 09:49 AM
  4. jrbjr's Avatar
    I do have iberry weather app, but diablled all the sound that it could make when I installed, but justy checked to be sure.
    I have a google maps, and also another google app downloaded as well as Pandora. That is it for apps. I have not done a battery pull, but if you think that will make the beepbeep=beepbeep dissappear I will give it a shot. Aren't there keys that you can press that can simulate the battery pull, w/o actually doing it? I will pull now and see if that fixes it. Thanks for the suggestions.
    09-30-09 10:21 AM
  5. jrbjr's Avatar
    it appears that when I loose cell service it makes that noice and the LED goes from green to red. I had a co worker hear the noise and that was his first guess. Something so simple, be it is nice to know what it was. Thanks for the replys and help.
    09-30-09 10:51 AM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    You can Press all at that same time

    Alt-RtShift-Del to reboot. Some folks suggest that it needs to be done a second time just as the screen turns white to actually equal a battery pull.
    09-30-09 11:38 AM