1. phlebzero's Avatar
    I updated the OS to on my two tour 9630 phones (wife and mine).

    We each also have Motorola S9-HD bluetooth headsets. Now the music sounds like crap from the bottom of a barrel, very low, lots of echos.

    I've deleted the pairing, reset the headsets, swapped between phones, nothing helps. I've totally reset the headsets as well. Performed a hard boot on each phone. Nothing helps.

    I don't think I can stand going back to the old OS, but dang it, I need my tunes. The music sounded fine with the old OS.

    Motorola says they don't have updated firmware. TTSTK, their only 'fix' of course is to go back to the old OS. I know it's not apparently their problem... any help or advise here?
    07-14-11 10:01 AM
  2. SoccerRef12's Avatar
    You could try 9630AllLang_v5.0.0.975_P4.2.0.424 from Verizon. You would need to delete the vendor.xml file before your load it, unless you are a Verizon customer. Or, if you're adventurous, you could try replacing the BT files on your new OS to the old OS and see if that works. May cause other issues, but would worth a try.
    07-14-11 10:42 AM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    I have the same OS on mine but only use bluetooth for in the car calls and they sound fine. Maybe one of the settings for boost bass, treble etc. in the options?
    07-14-11 10:46 AM
  4. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    9630 worked well with my BT headset, perfectly clear.
    07-14-11 11:18 AM
  5. chhare's Avatar
    My Tour OS is .975 and I have the S2 headphones and the sound is great. Not sure what to tell you, but possibly trying a re-install of the OS might help.
    07-14-11 01:13 PM