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    I"m glad I found this site as I have found myself spending way too much time trying to figure out this phone.

    I have 3 queastions listed in order of urgency:

    1 - I have been told I can't load webmail on my phone (work e-mail), without paying for the corporate plan (is this true? Can I het arround this?). So I have opted to just go to the webmail website when I need work e-mail. The problem is the website looks terrible on this phone (my Treo looked fine). When I open my e-mail I only view subject lines and thats it. I can't see who sent them or what time. Is it the browser I am using? Any suggestions?

    2 - I have a GPS application on my phone? Is this free? If I agree to use it will I be charged? I was told that the Federal Government mandated phone companies to allow us to use the satelites?

    3 - I want to set-up a hotmail account in push, but I want to hide it on my phone. I don't want people from work to pick up my phone and see it. Can I do this? Can I keep it from hitting my main box that all my e-mails seem to go in?

    Please help.
    09-14-09 08:51 AM
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    I was told that as well about adding my work email. When I went in to get my tour the guy took one look and said "you're paying too much" and redid my plan to the regular unlimited plans they have now and I'm saving about $20 a month.
    09-14-09 10:24 AM
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    2. GPS: The Tour has a free BlackBerry GPS App included. It's called Maps. There are other free ones you can get as well, such amazeGPS and Google Maps. Use the http://forums.crackberry.com/search.php function to look for the links for downloading. (By the way, when you see OTA this means Over The Air straight to/from your phone.)

    One note, make sure your Tour has GPS enabled. Go to Options (the wrench icon).
    Options -> Advanced Options -> GPS -> GPS Services: Location On

    PS You'll never have Apps that start automatically charging you. There will always be a Download screen first asking permission if you've never used it and it's purchase or subscription-required.

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    09-14-09 11:26 AM
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    For your work email, you should be able to as long as you know your email account password. This may or may not be the same as your webmail password. (Try it first before you go ask our company's administrator / IT rep.)

    Go into your Setup Folder -> Setup Wizard -> Email Setup

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    09-14-09 11:31 AM
  5. dylanledbetter's Avatar
    For the work email., if you cannot link to to your Blackberry, just set up a Gmail account and have all your work email forwarded to the Gmail account. Then, you can link the Gmail account to your Blackberry. VZNavigator is an add-on if I do remember correctly, but you can use Blackberry Maps for free. Also, if you want to add your hotmail account but don't want others to look at it, just set up a password on your phone or just leave your phone in your pocket.
    09-14-09 03:24 PM