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    My family is elgible to upgrade phones on Verizon. My line is an additional line, so I am only elgible to purchase the Tour at the 2 yr contract price. I have read that you can upgrade your phone on the account holder line, and then do an ESN swap to put it on an additional line. I have a few questions though. I read that I'll end up needing to call a Verizon CS rep no matter what, so:

    • I'm assuming when I try to do the ESN swap on the Verizon website, it will give me the number I need to call. Do I just tell the rep I am attempting an ESN swap and they will make the switch for me?
    • How do I switch the account holder's original phone back once the Tour is on the additional line?
    • Also, if by chance I get a faulty phone, what will I need to do if I have to exchange the phone?

    Thank you very much, I searched this and didn't get specific answers. I apologoize if I did miss something already posted.

    07-21-09 06:56 AM
  2. akito's Avatar
    you have the option of an alternate upgrade, meaning to have your phone upgraded on the primary line for the ne2 discount and then give it to ur #. so u basically are renewing the primary lines contract instead. easier and saves u the hassle.

    as long as the rep does it right, u wont have to esn swap back and forth. cuz the fone will come pre-programmed to ur #.
    07-21-09 10:25 AM
  3. Jonesing_for_a_BB's Avatar
    Awesome, thank you very much.
    07-22-09 04:39 PM