1. Grifter3000's Avatar
    I'm starting a new thread because I'm experiencing a different BES email attachment problem from the one previously discussed in this group.

    On most emails with attachments I have no issues - I can read the email, see the attachments, and open the attachments just fine, all on my blackberry.

    however, in the past week two emails have come in through my BES account with attachments that i can't see or open - which means the problem is intermittent.

    before opening the email, in my inbox i can see it has a paperclip icon which implies there's an attachment. but when i open the email, there is no attachment to click on.

    furthermore, if I click the menu button, one of the options that appears is "open attachment" - but when i select that option, nothing happens.

    anyone else experiencing this problem, or have a fix?

    09-09-09 12:55 AM