1. gumby2116's Avatar
    Hello all. I am totally new to all of this and am a little lost. I just got my blackberry tour (had an 8830) and until now have not really got the bug on apps and really using the phone. I am about to travel to Europe and thought it might be cool to download some mp4 movies from a movie thread. (superdave) but every time I try to down load from megaupload I just get a quicktime logo screen. Can anyone help me out. I'd really appreciate it.
    09-23-09 11:07 PM
  2. alb123's Avatar
    Are you trying to download from megaupload to your Tour? If so, don't. Download the file(s) from megaupload to your PC and then connect your device to the PC via the USB cable. If you are prompted "Do you want to enable Mass Storage Mode", select YES. Open up Windows Explorer and you'll now see your BlackBerry device is listed with your other hard drives, dvd drives, etc...

    You can copy the files from your PC directly to your BlackBerry. In fact, that is how I manage 95% of the files (media, word documents, spreadsheets, etc..) that I have on my device.

    09-23-09 11:25 PM
  3. gumby2116's Avatar
    no to my computer.
    09-23-09 11:49 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    What browser on the computer? Well, in any event, unless I specifically do a SAVE to my computer, Firefox attempts to open the files with Quicktime (since the file's extension is probably associated with quicktime). So when you click to download, make sure you have an option to SAVE rather than PLAY.
    09-24-09 12:07 AM