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    My wife and i are on Verizion.We both have Tours. I'm on my 4th one and for the most part happy with it. A few times a week no matter where WE Are we when go to make a call it asks for "local country code not recognized please select country code" then we have to put in U.S. and it will make the call. When it is doing this I go and try to save U.S as my country and it won't save it Any advice would be great its frustrating when your trying to make calls!!!!
    11-28-09 08:06 AM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    Are you located near a Canadian or Mexico boarder?
    11-28-09 08:12 AM
  3. whatzap's Avatar
    No im in Florida. All my tours and my wife's do/did the same thing! Any thoughts?
    I called verizion many times they say It should'nt be doing that and try to help but it still does it.
    11-28-09 08:19 AM
  4. lastraid's Avatar
    I would also make sure that under options>mobile network>network technology is set to 1XEV not Global.

    Also from your call log (main Sceen>green phone button) hit menu>options>smart dialing, make sure that country code is set to +1.

    If it continues to do this. What OS are you running? menu>options>about and look at third line down. if you are running, I would upgade to .61
    11-28-09 08:26 AM
  5. whatzap's Avatar
    Country code is +1
    net work tech. 1xev
    I am on
    How do I upgrade? never did that before i'm new to this but want to learn.
    I appreciate your help!!!
    What else will the new software do?
    11-28-09 08:32 AM
  6. lastraid's Avatar
    .61 has some fixes that most of which you may not notice. As for uprading it should be done though a computer using your desktop manager (DM) software. There are several forums you should read before attempting this. ALWAYS do an indpendant back up of your device before an upgrade. This is also done the DM.

    Hope this works.

    Upgrade your OS
    11-28-09 08:37 AM
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    Thank you!!! Last question (i Think) What is the 5.0 I here about?
    Are you currently running 61?
    Again thanks for helping/teaching!!!
    11-28-09 08:53 AM
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    Thank you!!! Last question (i Think) What is the 5.0 I here about?
    Are you currently running 61?
    Again thanks for helping/teaching!!!
    5.0 is leaked version of the OS. This could void the warrenty on the device. Although you can revert back at anytime. If you need assistance from your carrier, they will not support non released version of an OS. I am running .61 for VZW and have no problems with it. There are also instructions here on how install non released versions.

    PS you are welcome for the help . You may want to update your profile to show the device, OS being run, and carrier you are on.
    11-28-09 08:57 AM
  9. whatzap's Avatar
    OK. I understand. I thought when verizon came out with a update I would receive text or email? Is the tour getting official 5.0? ( Update my profile)
    11-28-09 09:15 AM
  10. lastraid's Avatar
    You will eventually get the update Icon pushed to your devices, but I would still though the computer. Yes, I would venture to guess that 5.0 will come to tour. Most likely to be done when the tour comes out, this will be sometime early next we hope.
    11-28-09 09:28 AM