1. kingpalmer's Avatar
    #1 - when listening to podcasts, if I receive or make a call it resumes playing not from where it left off but at an earlier random point. (sometimes it skips to the next podcast, but never picks up where it left off)

    #2 - Scenario: I am listening to a podcast, I press pause. I slip it into my hip holster and it starts playing on the loud speaker. Or it is in my hip holster and I bump the standby/mute button on top and it starts playing my podcast on loud speaker.

    I hadn't had these issues with my former phone, curve. Are there fixes to these problems or is it just some bugs i gotta live with (or get a new phone).

    Thanks for any info and yes, I know these q's are probably f.a.'d elsewhere.
    11-10-09 08:17 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I've read the imperfect solution to the 1st issue: place the phone in vibrate mode - supposedly, it will not interrupt the playing or reset its location in play. But then you have to be more aware of the phone in vibrate mode. I don't know if this is fixed in the beta OS's.

    Have not read about #2.
    11-11-09 10:09 AM