1. chevyboy2285's Avatar
    I have had my Tour on Verizon now for about 2 months and in that 2 months i have gotten the reload software error about 4 times. I took it back after it happened 1 time and got a new phone. Since I have had the new one it has happened 3 more times to this one. Does anyone know why this happens and if there is something I can do about it. Thanks!
    12-22-09 04:41 PM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    what version os are you using? any 3rd party apps?
    12-22-09 04:47 PM
  3. chevyboy2285's Avatar
    I am running the latest OS and i think i may have 1 or 2 3rd party apps.
    12-22-09 04:53 PM
  4. ragnarokx's Avatar
    you need to be more specific. what is the full os version number and what are the names of the apps?
    12-22-09 04:55 PM
  5. xxDruMMer BoYxx's Avatar
    And they are.......
    12-22-09 04:56 PM
  6. chevyboy2285's Avatar
    I am running OS v4.7.1.61 Platform And right now I have no 3rd party apps since it crashed again yesterday. I dont remember what they were either.
    12-22-09 05:01 PM
  7. xxDruMMer BoYxx's Avatar
    U must have not used them to not remember what they where...well...in that case ur Tour shouldn't crash anymore if it was the 3rd party apps and u don't have them anymore. Basically ur running stock right now...BUT, its hard to tell since we don't know what apps u had...
    12-22-09 05:05 PM
  8. chevyboy2285's Avatar
    Is that what usually makes it crash? Should i stay away from 3rd party apps?
    12-22-09 05:07 PM