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    Wednesday I received a warranty replacement blackberry tour from verizon. The reason I got one was because the headphone jack on the phone was not working correctly. You could plug in the included wired stereo headset, ipod headphones, or an FM transmitter. The stereo headset did not fully work, the microphone on it, and the button didn't function. When you would plug it in, the logo that appeared when making a call was the one that my ipod headphones produced. You could still talk using either I listed, but it utilized the microphone built in to the phone (which I'd like to say thats a nice feature when using the fm transmitter in my car, turns it into a nice speakerphone)

    I remember on my original tour when I first tried plugging in my monster FM transmitter, it was very difficult to plug in. I had to force it in. I know when I did that, thats what messed up the jack. If you look in the jack, theres a gold contact right up top. Well comparing my replacement to the broken phone, you can tell that the gold contact was pushed in deeper from forcing the plug in.

    ANYWAYS my question is... now that I am aware of this, I am afraid it will break again. The only way you can plug something into the jack is if you slowly insert it, and gently twist as each ridge on the jack moves in farther. Since there are no repair technicians in Chicago where I live, if anything goes wrong with this phone I am forced to get a replacement which is not an easy task. Fed EX cannot get through the gate at my building where I live, and its a huge ordeal to get anything from them.

    How can I solve this issue? Even the original stereo headset that came in the box is hard to plug in. My friends storm2, and curve 8330 do not have this problem.

    Also, I noticed a few things with this phone that are different. It has the OS on it, the later build, 284 or whatever. Still has browser click issues sometimes. The trackball on this phone feels more recessed than my previous device (took some adjusting, but it actually functions just fine). If you look above the silver trim line, between the T and Y keys, I see that infamous metal piece that my previous phone didnt have. The battery door on this phone was loose so I ended up keeping the battery door from the old tour (solved the problem). Screen ripple is much better, virtually gone.

    <Sarcasm>I am completely impressed with this OS since you cannot do standby mode</sarcasm>. I had .419 by MTS on my last tour. Too many memory leaks on that but was much better than the 4.7 that came loaded on the phone. What is the best OS for a verizon tour? I cannot deal with a browser click issue. I love opera mini and bolt, but its just too inconvenient. Not everything lets you choose what browser you are going to open something with. Even the bolt plug in only really helps for links in emails and such.

    Is it true the reason the native browser is so slow is because it has to route its data through canada? My friend claims bolt is faster because it only goes through verizons data network...
    05-21-10 12:11 PM
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    thats a lot of information.... as for the headset i would try an adapter and see if that helps. I would try the sprint os for the tour if you dont need ptt or try a hybrid and see if that fits your need.
    05-21-10 12:38 PM