1. josun54's Avatar
    Just got my Tour shipped to me on Wednesday and overall I am not having any problems like some of the people have been having. I just noticed this and I am not sure if it was like it when I first got it out of the box or it just happened.

    My D button doesnt have that nice crisp click that all of my other buttons on the keyboard have. So when I am typing I cant tell if I am clicking it very well. I guess now that I have noticed it it is bothering me now. I suppose I have 30 days to really use that D button to see if it fails or not. I hope there isnt any dirt trapped under there already. I have the thing in its stock case all the time.

    Anyone else have a button on the keyboard that doesnt click very well, or not at all?

    I guess I have a lazy half-***** D button!
    07-17-09 11:39 PM