1. legaleater's Avatar
    I keep getting multiple emails from: network@etpXXXX.et.na.blackberry.net, where the XXXX is four numbers (it is different on every email).

    The subject of the emails is: RIM_bca28a80-e9c0-11d187fe-00600811c6a2 (every email is the same subject)

    The text says: This message is used to carry data between the Blackberry handheld and an associated server. Please do not delete, move or respond to this message - it will be processed by the server.

    I get around 50 (at least) of them a day, and I don't delete them all.

    Does anyone have any idea what this is, and how to make it stop? I'm almost at the point where I am going to set up a filter so they go directly to my junk mail so I don't have to see them on the blackberry, but I don't know if that is a good idea.

    12-15-09 07:39 AM
  2. cgoldstein's Avatar
    Start your blackberry desktop director and those e-mails should go away.
    12-15-09 08:35 AM
  3. legaleater's Avatar
    I connected it with the desktop manager and I am still getting them.
    12-15-09 01:41 PM
  4. MBM7881's Avatar
    my husband is getting those too but on his curve 8830...weird. he asked me about them but i didn't know WTF was going on and i have a tour and i'm not getting those emails

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    12-15-09 03:11 PM
  5. Xopher's Avatar
    It sounds like when DM was set up, it was set up for BES instead of BIS. It's looking for the BES server. You may need to either uninstall DM, and resintall or reconfigure for BIS.
    12-15-09 03:44 PM