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    A few days ago I posted several random BB/Tour questions and everyone was very, very helpful. Well I have a couple more...

    To recap, I'm a Centro user and have never used a BB. Actually love the Centro, but it has some email "quirks" and I'm wondering if the Tour is the answer for me. Here goes...

    - I'm on a corporate EAS and it synches my Outlook contacts painlessly. However, it does not place any distribution lists I set-up in Outlook in my contacts on the Centro. Will I be able to use an email distro list on the Tour while running off of a BES?

    - When I receive an email on the Centro, I can not see who else it was sent to. I have to hit "reply to all" and scroll down to see who else received the email. Will I be able to see this on the Tour without having to play the "reply to all" game?

    - I'm pretty sure the answer to this is "yes", but just to confirm...can you send meeting requests through a BB? And i'm speaking of initiating them...not accepting or declining.

    - Just out or curiosity...how do BB users find using the Office Communicator app? Likes? Dislikes?

    Thanks in advance for the info!!!
    07-01-09 04:59 PM
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    Can anyone help me out with these questions? Thanks!
    07-02-09 09:38 AM