1. musiclover914's Avatar
    I have been unable to sync my Tour with iCal for the past week, and help from the Missing Sync people has been useless. Not only have I lost all data over 90 days old on my calendar (all my settings were correct both on the computer and the device), but I keep getting error messages and abandoned syncs. Has anyone had this problem? I suspect maybe it has to do with iCal at this point as much as it might have to do with Missing Sync, but I'm completely in the dark.
    11-30-09 02:04 PM
  2. wiredjesus's Avatar
    I have a Curve and ical stopped syncing three weeks ago. The missing sync guys had a couple of suggestions that did nothing. Forced overwrites, wiping the bb calendar using Blackberry Manager in Windows (under parallels), just left me with a blank calendar. My calendar on my macbook is fine and I use time machine, so my data is safe. But Missing Sync has dropped dates and generated calendar errors for three months now and has yet to work right. The one suggestion was since I have multiple work calendars, I condense all my ical calendars into home and work. So why is that not in the manual - if you have more than two calendars in ical, it won't work.

    I'm ready to start over with the new Desktop Manager for mac if it has any hope of being more reliable. You would think with as many mac users who have bbs instead of iphones, someone could develop a sync program that actually works seamlessly. It almost makes me nostalgic for my old Palms - at least they synced without problems.

    Solutions anyone?
    12-01-09 12:11 PM
  3. schnable's Avatar
    Give up on Missing Sync and use RIM's official DM for Mac. I did this switchover awhile ago. It is missing some features--notably text/call log backup and no bluetooth syncing--but its worth it to avoid issues.
    12-01-09 12:58 PM