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    I've had the tour (verizon) for about two weeks. It's my first blackberry and I love it. Just trying to set it up to my own preferences. One of the issues I'm having is with messages. I'm interested in separating my email (gmail), sms/mms, and all other messages(fbk,gtalk,bbm,etc) into three different locations. This what I have in mind.

    1. Email (envelope icon w/ globe) with my gmail account only
    -this folder seems to keep my gmail messages grouped in conversations (like gmail.com which i like. the messages folder w/o the globe doesn't seem to do this.

    2. SMS/MMS (cell phone icon w envelope)- self explanatory

    3. Messages (envelope icon only) containing fbk, gchat, bbm, etc.

    I considered removing my gmail account from the bb email client and solely using the gmail app which is phenomenal as far as organization goes. However, the gmail app currently only pushes emails every 20 mins or so. This is irritating. I'm keeping it for now so I can retrieve old emails that I have saved.

    So i guess now my only obstacle is removing my emails from showing up in the messages (w/o globe) folder. Is this possible? Is gmail planning to integrate a real time push to their mobile app?

    Thanks in advance.

    09-11-09 01:09 PM
  2. Dr.Sadistic's Avatar
    Unfortunately, you can't. The BB OS folder separation works as follows:

    EMails and all other messages
    09-11-09 01:16 PM