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    My husband and I both have Tours and he was trying to download some music from iTunes to his BB. I realize that some of these songs might not be able to be played because of DRMs or whatever they're called. But we are having a problem opening Media Sync (not ROxio, but the Media Sync on the right of the screen). When we go to open it, it freezes the whole computer. We have to shut it down by manually turning off our computer, when we go try again - same thing. We uninstalled DM and reinstalled JUST the Media Sync from the BB site, still, same thing.

    Any suggestions? One that I picked up was to download the music directly onto the disk from the phone, and we picked up an adapter today to try this. But any suggestions for getting the program to open and be usable?

    Thank You.!
    10-29-09 03:45 PM