1. speg2's Avatar
    All of a sudden, my Tour appears to have stopped recognizing my media card. Pics and everything there one minute, and then, it doesn't register at all. Literally, out of nowhere. And didn't touch a thing. I've pulled and reinserted the card a number of times along with battery pulls. When I reinsert the card, it says media card inserted, but nothing happens. Any thoughts are appreciated.
    07-24-09 07:51 AM
  2. AlwaysLostSometimes's Avatar
    It's not showing up on your PC or not showing up on your BB?
    07-24-09 07:58 AM
  3. speg2's Avatar
    on my BB... I'm going to backup the media and reformat the card since I've now tried everything else (even with a verizon tech person) and see what happens... if that doesn't work, then I think it could only be a device issue... unless there is something else that I'm missing
    07-24-09 08:24 AM
  4. AlwaysLostSometimes's Avatar
    Remember that the phone is brand new. If this continues to occur, take it back to Verizon and demand a new phone. Not refurbished one. It hasn't even been 30 days.
    07-24-09 08:27 AM
  5. 18th letter's Avatar
    This happened to my phone. Chances are it will continue to do this, send it in for a new one

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    07-24-09 08:29 AM
  6. carzaddict's Avatar
    format the card....i had to do the same
    07-24-09 08:34 AM
  7. speg2's Avatar
    will let you know what happens after formatting. I just find it bizarre that it worked for days after taking it out of my Pearl and inserting it in my Tour and then all of of sudden I need to reformat (if this is the issue). Just strange. And, as to demanding a new device, this is my second already. I thought my call quality stunk on the first one. They sent me a new one (they don't even have any refurbs yet)... but this call quality ain't much better. Hopefully a software issue that will be addressed.
    07-24-09 08:45 AM
  8. speg2's Avatar
    well, it looks like the media card somehow got corrupted. lost all photos. is it even remotely possible that there was a virus on there, somehow?
    07-24-09 10:13 AM
  9. dj r's Avatar
    I removed my 4gb card from my curve and put it in the tour. the tour didn't read it until I played around with it for a while. it was very strange.
    07-24-09 10:40 PM
  10. speg2's Avatar
    what was weird was that mine read it for a few days and then something went haywire
    07-29-09 05:38 PM
  11. surfin's Avatar
    what was weird was that mine read it for a few days and then something went haywire
    Try another card? Did you orginally format the card on that phone? card seated squarely? Did you deactivate the card before removing it? Card under warranty? Phone under warranty? Quality of Card?
    07-29-09 05:58 PM
  12. H_D's Avatar
    My media card suddenly started not being recognized today. Im downloading a lot of podcasts then it just stops after about an hour or so.
    08-11-09 02:39 PM
  13. Badboy8813's Avatar
    yeah my 8GB card died on me all of a sudden... its not being read by the phone or my computer...
    08-11-09 03:02 PM
  14. theprep's Avatar
    I had the same issue. Card reads on the computer thought it was the 2gb that came w it so I picked up a 4gb card. Worked for a while then the phone says it can't read it. Exchanged the Tour for another and seems fine so far.

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    08-11-09 08:42 PM