1. UWHNTR's Avatar
    I am deployed to Afghanistan & BB started acting strange today. Before I left the USA I had my plan updated to have the global data service. They ensured my SIM card was activated & all & said I was good to go. Everything has been working GREAT since I got here at the beginning of January 2011. Then last night I thought the cell network was down which was why I hadn't received any emails. Well today I hadn't received any so I pulled the battery while it was on, waited 20 seconds, & then put it back in & let it re-boot. I then tried to send an email & it says "No message services configured. You will be redirected to the Setup Wizard to set up your email account." So it then goes to there & I select "I want to create or add an email address" and then hit next. Next page says "After you click Next, the BlackBerry Internet Service setup application opens. After you finish setting up your email, press the Menu key and click Close." So I hit next, it connect to email settings and get the following "A new BlackBerry device has been detected. You must move email account(s) to resume email delivery to your BlackBerry device. Email delivery to your old device has been stopped." Below that message are all 3 email accounts I had set up in my device. Now here is my issue. I haven't plugged this thing into anything except the wall charger and have not removed/changed the SIM car or anything. Any ideas whats going on w/ this? Thank you in advance!
    02-03-11 11:58 AM
  2. Super_Mario's Avatar
    Sounds like something wrong on the BIS side. But VzW may have to verify if your account is active and set-up correctly. They may even have to transfer you to RIM. Call Global Services at 908-559-4899 (include any international dialing as needed) They can help.
    02-03-11 12:24 PM