1. jweisler's Avatar
    New to the personal blackberry......

    I have Yahoo Mail set up on my new Tour. Am I correct that I really don't need that Yahoo Mail icon (since I don't really need to separate that mail)? All of my mail will go into the "main" bb mail folder?

    That "main folder" -- does it only capture emails and missed calls? Is there any way for my voicemail notifications and text message notifications to go in there? Or do they have to all stay separate in the MMS/SMS folder?

    07-15-09 10:03 AM
  2. bucwylde23's Avatar
    Open up your mail view, hit the BB button and go to options. scroll down to SMS and Email Inboxes and change it to "Combined" that will put your texts and emails together. And no, you don't need the yahoo icon, just hide it.
    07-15-09 10:10 AM