1. pandapab#CB's Avatar
    Greetings! Just got my first BB on the 21st...loving it so far, it's a Tour (Verizon).

    I didn't think I was going to use the email feature at all, but stupidly decided to start receiving my personal email on it. I don't want it there anymore...it receives too much, and I can't find any info on how to delete it.

    ALSO...I am trying to figure out how I can download music from the phone - what I mean is not being connected to the computer - not using the memory card - but getting it like I used to with VCast music on my other phones...anyone know?


    08-25-09 03:59 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    You can log onto Verizon BIS site (I presume it is not corporate) and there you can add or delete accounts.

    You might actually find it beneficial to set up filters on that account where you select which of your friends, lovers or enemies emails to forward to your BB. That is you can setup positive filters (only forward (collect) email from A, D and H) or negative filters to screen out B, Q and Z.

    I believe the Verizon site is:

    08-25-09 06:32 PM
  3. dylanledbetter's Avatar
    In regards to the music issue, I think your only option would be to use a streaming music application, such as Pandora or Slacker. Or are you saying you would like to download songs to your phone? In that case, without using a memory card, your phone would fill up nice and quick, but I don't understand why you wouldn't use the memory card as it comes with one. Maybe some clarification would help.
    08-25-09 06:48 PM
  4. Stephen.Shim's Avatar
    Dylan is correct, pandora or slacker, or i heart radio. You wouldn't want to waste your phone memory in the first place. Invest into a sd card and you'll have thousands of music at the palm of your hands.
    08-25-09 11:44 PM