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    I lost connection to my browser after allowing my IT dept to sync the tour with DM. I noticed this after i had gotten home. At the time i said that my job must have crippled the browser so that we cant use internet, but this was my personal phone and i wanted and needed it for other things. Anyway, the following day i spoke with IT and its not in there settings to do this.
    I called VZW and the walked me through the whole batt pull and resending svc books. after a 1 hour convo. a replacement was sent out.

    Replacement Phone:
    Now i have my replacement phone, the browser works, and all seems fine, I hook the phone up to DM, upload the backed up info that i had before i sent the last one back and "BAAM" no browser connection again.

    These are the msgs i get.
    When trying to get in email setup "Your device had a prob connecting to the server"

    When in Running Apps, click Browser Icon...."Invalid Address"

    I have already talked with VZW Tech Support and did another 3 or 4 batt pulls with him on the phone and they also resent SVC books. I have even had to wipe the phone twice. Now they are supposed to be doing some sort of a "Remedy" ticket and i have to wait on them to call me back with an answer to the problem.

    Has anyone else had a prob like this?
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    sounds to me like you corrupt browser service book. when you restored the backup, you brought it back over. just to make sure of this, you can go into service in advanced options and delete the browser service book, I usually delete all of them abd the register the device again (all but provisioing this wil not delete). this will send fresh service books, you may need to login into the for the email ones. Are you on a BES?, if so then, you may want to check with the IT guys. if this works, then run a fresh back up.
    12-10-09 06:31 AM