1. DEENYCE718's Avatar
    Could someone please explain to me why when my phone goes into lock mode, the screen keeps going on and off? Its draining my battery and I dont know what option I go to to change it. It just started happening.

    Maybe Im not explaining it right, but both the screen and the keypad lights up and the screen shows on, then it goes off again. HELP!!
    11-09-09 09:08 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    With the phone ON, remove the battery for 40 or so seconds then replace. See if that fixes it.

    Also, you might explain a bit more. Do you have a password lock on the phone? Or just letting it "time out" so that the screen goes off? Have you installed any 3rd party software?
    11-09-09 10:55 AM
  3. dbone15's Avatar
    Does it happen when the phone is just sitting on your desk? Or in your pocket?
    11-09-09 10:58 AM
  4. dcgore's Avatar
    Just as F2 said, most buggy issues are solved by a battery pull. Do you keep pressing buttons? Are you waking up the phone?
    11-09-09 12:20 PM
  5. DEENYCE718's Avatar
    Good lookin on the info everybody, i pulled the battery out and so far so good!
    11-09-09 01:02 PM