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    07-22-09 04:14 PM
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    Its Amazon.com's mobile store... of course its legit!
    07-22-09 04:20 PM
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    thats with a NEW 2 year contract
    07-22-09 04:20 PM
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    That's definitely legit. I bought my Bold from Amazon for $250 when it was $299 in the AT&T store, and I still filled out and received a $100 dollar rebate card (or maybe it was $50?). Also I lived in California so I didn't have to pay sales tax on Amazon, which was probably the deal breaker when you're paying sales tax on a $500 device (came out to almost $50 bucks, so it would've been a $100 more expensive to buy at the AT&T store).

    The only deal is you have to START a new contract. I bought it, then ported my number from my parents plan, and it worked like a charm. I wouldn't ever recommend buying anything on AT&T though, I had a horrible experience with them.


    Some phones (like the ones for $.01) will have a SECOND contract that states, you can not lower your voice data plan, or cancel your contract within 6 months or you will be charged an additional $250 dollars from Amazon. So definitely buy with caution. Not all phones have this clause, my Bold didn't.

    I bought the Bold for $150 (after rebate) off Amazon, hated AT&T, waited for the Tour to come out, bought the Tour and took my number to Verizon (approximately 6 months later I did this, I was going to wait another week to port my number because I was afraid of the $250 fee, but I got a couple Amazon reps to assure me my phone didn't fall under that category), then sold the Bold for $200 to cover the Early Termination Fee from AT&T, then I spent the other $50 bucks a the local pub.

    Good luck!
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