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    I would appreciate any troubleshooting advice. Somehow, my Tour locked up earlier today. I did not knowingly put it on Standby or Bedside Mode or Lock, so I am not sure how to remedy the issue. The keyboard does not work. The screen will illuminate, but only briefly when I plug it in. When I plug it in, it goes into Bedside mode, then when I unplug, it shows the normal screen. The screen stays lit until the energy saving feature dims it. Once it dims, I cannot illuminate it again with the keyboard or track ball. When the screen is lit, I can use the track ball to highlight but it will NOT select/open anything. I can see when a call is coming in, but cannot answer it.

    I have tried both keys at the top (lock and mute) and have rebooted the phone several times today. I even left the battery out for about 5 minutes before my last reboot.

    Thank you in advance for the help!
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