1. JSimeon's Avatar
    I keep getting the same text over and over again. I took the battery out and even checked the persons phone that sent me the text. Please HELP it's driving me crazy!
    02-01-10 10:24 AM
  2. I_Love_my_BB's Avatar
    my husband and daughter had the same problem and they do not have BB's so i would have to say it is your carrier but that is my opinion only, i have had it do it on my blackberry curve as well.
    02-01-10 10:48 AM
  3. wocampb's Avatar
    I have run in to this same problem over the past month or so where I will get the same message 3 or 4 times within minutes.
    02-01-10 04:17 PM
  4. Hippocampus's Avatar
    This is currently happening to my girlfriend.
    I have a blackberry tour with verizon and she has an HTC touch pro 2 with us cellular. I sent her a text last wed. and she keeps getting it over and over again. Almost every time I send he a message she receives the new one and the old one from last wed. And randomly throughout the day she gets it. She's probably received the same message over 50 times now...
    Really annoying!
    02-01-10 07:48 PM