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    I have the BBtour and I downloaded the version 5.0 before it was actually out...haven't really had any problems...but I now can't set my tones the way I want...or I don't remember but I am doing the same thing I was before...should I go to my DM and do a real download? And can anyone tell me how I can set my tones because its not giving me that option...I can only set my ringtone and not my other message tones..

    Also...I dont know how this happened but when I originally got my BB I was using my daughters laptop and downloaded the DM and used it on hers...well now she went to update her phone etc...and she lost of her contacts and is blaming me cuz all my stuff was on her laptop...I never did a thing to her stuff nor did I ever see it...how can she get all her contacts back?

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer...
    02-14-10 12:10 PM
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    In OS 5, you should be able to enter the PROFILE app (the speaker icon) and scroll down to EDIT. You should be able to get to each item and set as you want - in this case each item can be individually edited and changed. So some may not reflect anything until you edit.

    If you did a backup on her computer, your backup should be there but generally each time a backup is performed in Desktop Manager (DM), the old backup is retained. So if she did a backup, then have her use DM, restore and find an "older" backup. If you did an Outlook sync, there could be problems.

    Let us know
    02-14-10 12:25 PM
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    wow...that seems like it totally changed from before...I got it...Thank you so much...

    Now as for my daughter's problem...I'm not really sure what she did...I didnt realize that putting my DM on her laptop would affect her phone...but somehow she lost all her contacts...and I guess all my stuff was in the DM and then got put on her phone...so I don't know where her stuff is...I'll have to wait for her to see....

    Thanks so much for the help..I appreciate it...

    Just 1 more question...because I downloaded the OS 5.0 before it was out should I update it with my DM just to be sure I'm all good and working right? Thanks again...
    02-14-10 01:56 PM
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    If OS 5 is working - obviously, not from Verizon, don't worry. When verizon does release its version - you might want to read here and see what folks think about it. Just because it is official does not make it better or worse than the version you have installed now.

    Yes, your daughter needs to explore. She can search the computer for *.ipd files. That is where DM stores its backups (if she made one). Find one from before you, ahem, messed with it, and she can try restoring from that.
    02-14-10 02:21 PM
  5. deke.sask's Avatar
    If she was diligent about backing up, all of her stuff should be still on the computer. Unless you changed it, the default location for backup files is (for windows) in the my documents folder. If you only did one back up you should be able to find hers fairly easily. Hope all works out.

    02-14-10 02:31 PM
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    Ok we'll have to do some digging...thanks all for your help I so appreciate it...
    02-14-10 03:13 PM