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    Up till now, I've only had "dumb phones" and no internet plan. I've been pondering the move to "Smart Phones" for quite a while. I'm not yet elligible for my "New every two" with verizon... so my brother in law gave me his Storm 9530 for free.

    So far, I really like it. Had it for about 2 weeks. Only problems is it needs to be reset at least once a day, as it starts running sluggish and freezes. I use "Quickpull" to schedule a reset while I'm sleeping, and it's recharging. Also it's battery life could really be better.... but perhaps thats a problem with ALL smart phones and not just the Blackberry.

    Eitherway... there is one thing I'm really curious about.

    What is "Application memory" and "device memory"?

    The application memory seems to run low, the longer I use it... then it goes back up to 8mb once resetted. I figure this is why the battery pull/quickpull app is needed. I've come to a conclusion that "Application memory" is essentially "ram"...

    My device memory shows that it has a total of 879mb, and free space of 861mb. Yet sometimes, when the Application memory is running low... It says I can't download apps. I obviously have lots of "Device memory" left... Why would application memory running low, have anything to do with storage space being left,... when device memory (Which I assume is the "hard drive" memory) is abundant?

    So can someone please help me understand what all this means?
    05-02-11 05:19 PM
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    Why did u post in the tour forum? Welcome though! Enjoy

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    05-10-11 04:22 PM
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    good luck,.. that phone is a hunk of junk
    05-10-11 04:54 PM