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    New to Blackberrys in general, just came from ATT/iphone land, I did attempt to search for this solution but couldn't find a solution.

    On my iphone I was able to use my IMAP servers on the device, thus any email sent thru web app/iphone/computer was able to be seen on every device. I was able to browse all of my email folders to find messages from the past and such. Is there a way to do this on the BB? Currently the email is set to push to my device using the BiS, but I seem to have no way to access the Sent email folders, etc..

    Would the more expensive data plan on Verizon help, or do my email servers need to be BES?

    I think this is what I shall be needing (or is this only if I have a BES)? I currently use google apps for my domain for my email.
    Google Apps for business
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    You will need BES or you will need to download the gmail application for blackberry at least untill BIS upgrades to 3.0 where it is believed that full IMAP integration will be there!
    07-30-09 02:52 AM