1. fwpitts's Avatar
    As soon as my Tour arrives today, I'll be a first time Blackberry user. The best news is the only cell I have to compare it to is a Motorola Razr, so it's already by leaps and bounds the best phone I've ever owned.

    For the past several weeks I've been devouring information (mostly in the Tour folder). I've learned quite a bit from you guys but there are still lots of things that don't make sense, and won't until I actually have my hands on the device. Then I'm sure I'll have many lightbulb moments as your BB/CB lingo starts to sink in. My husband thinks I've gone a bit over the edge but I'm betting he'll catch the bug shortly.

    I'd started the Blackberry 101 series, but am about to go read more so I can start my BB life as a responsible owner once I take custody of my Tour from the FedEx guy. I truly feel like a first-time parent... right now I'm at a loss as to what to do once I take it out of the box! I have a running list of questionable terms and hope to delete many of those as I finish the series. One question I have but don't think I'll find an answer to in the lecture series is, why do so many people at the CB forums start their posts with the word "So..." ???

    07-14-09 09:32 AM
  2. cb_avatar's Avatar
    Ditto for basic BB training.

    One thing I saw here somewhere that I cannot find, is a list of popular apps with HTML links. This was not a poll, but it was a list of recommended apps. I cannot seem to find it.

    07-14-09 09:43 AM
  3. Topher227's Avatar
    BlackBerry101 comes on the CD that comes with your device. Users manual is good too

    Good Luck, it really is a great phone!
    07-14-09 09:54 AM
  4. Lovecore's Avatar
    Well, you've definitely got the best resource here! The mobile crackberry site, has a list of OTA-able apps, that you may find useful.

    Welcome to the addiction
    07-14-09 09:57 AM
  5. fwpitts's Avatar
    I'm about 75% done with the 101 series and have already gotten answers to everything on my current list. A lot of questions I've seen asked over and over just in the Tour folder alone are answered in detail there. 101 should be a requirement before posting... lol. Good to know it's on the cd also.

    Where IS that FedEx truck???
    07-14-09 10:28 AM