1. chrbia1's Avatar
    I have several folders that are updated with some rules if certain people send me an email. The problem with this is that one of those people is my Boss and I would still like to see when he sends me an email. Is there a way to synch those folders up with the blackberry? or do I need to delete that rule in order to see his emails?
    07-02-10 04:19 PM
  2. jaydubb71's Avatar

    Im a Lotus Notes tech...

    You have to go into BBDM's email settings and in the section where you select the folders, add which folders are synchronized. The default setting is inbox and sent messages only but you can add more if you wish. BBDM on my personal computer isnt set up for Enterprise Email but my BBDM at work is (I have a 9630 as my personal phone and a 9000 from work). If no one posts a screen shot before Tuesday, I will post one for you.
    07-04-10 10:27 AM