1. ed116's Avatar
    hey guys im wondering how do i fix charging port?? is there a video? i can order the part online but i dont know how to change it. also if its cheap between the lines of 10-20$ where around toronto can you get this done for the tour? i found one guy was charging 40$ for it and for 100$ you can buy a fully functioning tour.. so theres no point. i just wanna fix this phone up and use it as a back up for when i go clubbing or when i go on a trip and i dont wanna take my I4
    05-07-11 07:20 PM
  2. Yosaki's Avatar
    Another alternative to fixing the charging port is to buy a charging dock. The Tour has two charging connection on the back. You can find one of those dock chargers on amazon or ebay for about $10 (probably less now =P). This is great for just charging your phone but you will not be able to connect it to your PC.

    But to actually fix your port, I don't really know. Sorry!
    05-11-11 11:36 PM