1. r0bem's Avatar
    i have a wireless bluetooth keyboard. says its compatable with smart phones. so how can i use with my blackberry? i have a 9630, with os 4.7

    is there a driver i need? or how do i change the input option or something?
    01-08-11 02:23 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Typically, Bluetooth accessories like that require a driver/software to be installed on the device.

    Since you didn't tell us what keyboard it is, the rest would be speculation.
    01-08-11 03:28 PM
  3. r0bem's Avatar
    01-08-11 04:06 PM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Based on the information listed there, I would say that it's not compatible with the BlackBerry.

    Note that it saying compatible with "smart phones" is not necessarily inclusive of BlackBerry devices.

    You might look at the Freedom Bluetooth Keyboard.
    01-08-11 04:52 PM
  5. r0bem's Avatar
    im looking for something that will fold up like the power 4 keyboard. not just a straight up keyboard. i have regular wireless keyboards.

    i saw another one but im not sure that itll work.
    anyone have any knowledge of foldable flexible keyboards that will work with the blackberry.?
    01-08-11 06:06 PM
  6. CASH's Avatar
    The one in the CB Store should work with BlackBerry devices, however it's not foldable.
    01-08-11 06:30 PM
  7. CASH's Avatar
    Try searching Amazon.
    01-08-11 06:44 PM
  8. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    The Freedom Pro Keyboard folds up. It's not "flexible" meaning it doesn't "roll up" if that's what you are looking for.
    01-08-11 08:01 PM