1. tesla418's Avatar
    I found an old Blackberry 96390 with the SIM card taken out at my house, and started messing around with it, after resetting it. I decided to install a MeBoy.jar on it, to play some Pokemon and Mario, but after I transferred the file via Mass USB, the next step was to open the "Files" app in the "Applications" folder. I tried to do this, but when I open the Applications folder, there was no "Files" app. When I plugged the Tour back into my computer, the .jar file was still there, meaning that the file was transferred, I just couldn't download it. I tried moving it into "Blackberry," but that did not work. Are there other ways to download files onto a 9630, perhaps via a third party app? Are there other ways to install .jar files? Is it normal for unregistered blackberries without a SIM to not have a files app?
    10-30-20 01:45 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Were a few utilities... most my bookmarks are dead at this point.

    This is a good site... The Bold Explorer
    10-30-20 03:11 PM

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