1. KeithF40's Avatar
    so let me get this straight, when you go to edit the "profile" you are editing the "normal" profile?

    and then the other profiles you cannot edit at all, even the ringtone?

    also what is difference between "silent" and "all alerts off"
    08-01-09 01:50 AM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    Is this a reply, or an OP?

    Did the OP delete their post?

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    08-01-09 02:54 AM
  3. KeithF40's Avatar
    no, i am asking a question, it is an op
    08-01-09 03:27 AM
  4. xliderider's Avatar
    Apparently, you can't edit the profiles individually, and independently from each other. You can set custom profiles however.

    Silent is no audible alerts but you still get notified by LED. All alerts off is no audible and no LED notifiers.

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    08-01-09 03:38 AM
  5. KeithF40's Avatar
    pretty sure i had alerts off and still got led, might have been bc i have berry buzz, and if so then how do i get around that
    08-01-09 04:08 AM