1. MykOne's Avatar
    I'm having issues with my Tour (as with everyone else) and so want to exchange it for a new one, but don't want "NEW" problems with a new Tour that would have to deal with. Below are my issues with my Tour and let me know if you would exchange it (and risk with new problems, or not) or keep it and deal with it....

    1) Battery door is slightly loose (not a big deal, I can live with it)
    2) Vibrate is extremely low (compared to my Curve). Can't feel it vibrating in the pouch or in my pocket. Vibrate is a function I really need.
    3) Alerts for SMS, MMS and BBM "sometimes" don't sound off when plugged into a charger. So I don't know I have a message.
    4) Microphone issue - sound muffled when speaking on the headset AND BT (using BluAnt Z9)
    5) Large Fonts when getting some emails. Have to refer to "get plain text" option to view then in normal font, which defeats the purpose of being able to read HTML emails.
    6) Always getting "contact is unreachable" with BBM contacts, in which i know "FOR SURE" they are definately reachable. Tested with someone who was right next to me and my BBM said that person was unreachable.

    If anyone knows of any fixes for these issues (except the battery door), I'd GREATLY appreciate it!!!!
    If not... would you exchange the Tour for a new one?

    Thanks Everyone!!
    07-23-09 06:56 PM
  2. wth1973's Avatar
    if you are having trouble take back get one that you like you are the one that has to use it
    07-23-09 07:09 PM