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    I have napster-to-go, and on my previous blackberry tour I would download music using napster on my pc, and then plug my blackberry in and drag the music over using napster. Everything would play fine, I would just have to make sure to plug my phone in and open napster once every 30 days so that it knew my account was current so I could continue listening to music.

    I had problems with my tour and recently received a refurbished replacement tour. None of my music would work on the phone, it kept giving me errors so I deleted all of the music from the phone... Used desktop manager to upgrade my OS, and deleted all of my music off of desktop manager as well. Napster was still giving me a message on the pc when I plugged my BB in saying that my device needs to be reformatted in order for the music to work... So I did a handheld wipe, and it is still giving me the same message. My account is current so I am not sure why it is doing this.

    Can anyone offer any help?

    Thank you!!
    03-13-10 01:32 PM