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    I'm Daniele from italy..
    I've buy yesterday an import bb tour 9630 with firmware

    I've some problems...

    1. In the upper of home screen I've always a message says ACTIVATION MUST BE DONE (I don't know in english the exact traduction).I don't understad what kind of activation...my sim have bb service active and I switch my imei from my old bb storm to this new..


    2.In home screen I've always a simbol active, I think is the gps (circle with a cross inside) but I don't know how to put of gps !
    in the gps option:

    Device gps can not be change

    GPS service, I can choose position active or only 911

    after I have a down arrow without any description of what is,but if I select I haven't any option.

    Position support is disactivate


    Before buy this phone I had a storm...

    aren't there a youtube app like storm ?


    I hope That someone can help me...this is a very beauty phone and I'd like to use it !!!

    Ciao and thanks !!

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    If the GPS symbol is only showing as the circle with the cross through it, it is "off" but it is technically still on for 911 services, but we refer to it as "off" when it's like this since it's not really off but it won't drain battery like Location On/Position Active.

    As for the activation with the Sim card.. is the phone unlocked? That's the only thing I can think of that would cause it to act like this.. since you are in Italy and it usually needs to be unlocked for GSM.

    As for youtube, you can try m.youtube.com and it will let you view videos

    hope this helps =]
    12-15-09 12:51 AM
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    solved !!

    the problem is the Activation Required and solve in this way

    From dialpad insert ##000000 and call
    Once did that apperar a mený
    In the first upper option, delete the number and insert your phone number (without any regional code example +39 for italy)
    Now press option-->save
    reboot your phone and the message disappear..

    sorry for my english I hope this can help someother !



    if some admin read this , maybe is useful change thread title with ACTIVATION REQUIRED in this way is more simple to find for other user..unfortunely I can not edit the title and when I post I didn't know the right traduction of the problem.thanks
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