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    Hey everyone,

    So I was sitting using BBM minding my own business when all of the sudden my blackberry just turned off. The indicator light turned on red, then turned off, then red for a bit, then off. The battery was slightly low, but not at low battery. I plugged it into the charger and a symbol came up that looked like a battery with a lighting bolt through it with a dull grey background behind it. I have no idea whats happening! Please help! This device is only a few weeks old and I am still within the 30 day trial period. Hope to hear from you all soon!

    Thanks a lot

    9630 TOUR not 8960...Idk what I was thinking... Sorry!
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    12-26-09 08:04 PM
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    BTW I am running 4.7, never downloaded anything except a few appworld apps, never upgraded to leaked OS, and I tried removing the battery and replacing it several times.
    12-26-09 08:08 PM
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    Did it look like this? If it did then I would think your batt is fried. I removed my batt wondering if the phone would power up and I got this symbol..

    12-26-09 08:28 PM
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    Yeah very sorry...meant 9630... and it didnt look like that...It was a lightning bolt not a strike through the battery and it was black and white...Or close to it.
    12-26-09 08:36 PM
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    Funny, I had something similar happen to me. I just let the phone charge like normal and it works fine.

    I had charged mine full before I went to bed, when I woke up, my phone wouldn't turn on. I pulled the battery (got the same red light disco you did) and then nothing. Then I pulled the battery and left it out while I took a shower. Same disco show. So I just plugged it in, that symbol showed up and I just let it charge. Haven't had a problem since, I'd say it's just a fluke, imo.
    12-26-09 09:11 PM
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    Sounds like your phone just hit the point where it goes into sleep mode for lack of a better phrase. You can't run it until the battery is dead. The phone has a preset preventing you from doing so. You're battery indicator level is never exactly right although close because the graphic only uses 12 images on charge and 12 off charge. It will not register every single percent point but once you hit around 10 percent battery life, the phone will shut down on it's own. Just recharge it fully and it shouldn't be an issue if I am not mistaken.
    12-26-09 09:17 PM
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    Hi there, bit late but it doesn't mean that the battery is 'fried' at all. There is a chance that the battery has died but there is also a better chance that the battery has gone into a protective mode which means it needs a 'boost' this can be done at any decent repair centre. Reason i know this is because I have had to reset 1000's of batteries.
    01-24-13 07:04 AM