1. MeganMarie2006's Avatar
    I've had my blackberry for a while now, but I've only used it for basic things. I don't know much on how to fix it or what to do! Someone at work told me I have the oldest wireless network, but when I do the check for updates, it says no new updates found. I have 4.7.153 wireless version or whatever. Also lately I've had a problem receiving messages from one person. I got them before, now I don't! They get all my messages, but I get none of the messages they send back. I'm not too savvy with my Blackberry, any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
    07-11-10 10:14 AM
  2. underarmourfool's Avatar
    ok first try the all mighty battery pull. that usually fixes my minor gliches like sms issues or slow delays. then for the update make sure you go under options>advanced options> wireless update and check. mine is at the 5.0.732. u should have that as an option. my girlfriend had her phone for over a year and never updated it till last weekend when i stole it from her. but be warned the update will take time i wanna say i wasnt able to use my phone for like..45-60min
    07-11-10 11:02 AM
  3. Redsox34's Avatar
    I recommend a battery pull weekly, or at least monthly. I do it weekly. Always seems to refresh the phone. Sometimes I won't get emails or txt's and then I do a battery pull and bam! there they are. Your BB is like a computer, it needs rebooted too.
    07-11-10 03:17 PM
  4. mburrell's Avatar
    do NOT install 5.0.732. That OS is complete garbage and you'll have more problems than you do now! As for the SMS issues, try the battery pull like everyone else said and then try resending service books. Go to Options, Advanced Options, Host Routing Table, then hit the blackberry key and select Register Now.
    07-11-10 04:38 PM