1. Joox's Avatar
    Forgive me in advance. I have searched the forums and found many threads about the 'you sound muffled' issue, but I wanted to know if there have been any updates since then.

    Here are my problems. This is my second tour and people still tell me I'm hard to hear. I'm not talking about Bluetooth use, just old handset use. I am careful not to cover the microphone hole with my palm.

    Are there any known fixes for this, or should I try just getting an exchange? I'm in the 30 days. I have a green dot tour, Mexico 5.


    Here's my second, weirder isusse. The handset speaker sounds muffled as well. I often have to ask people to repeat themselves and crank up the volume to max, but it's not good. Has anyone heard of this issue? Are there any fixes? Or should I just swap it for a different one?

    Basically I am asking - has anyone had ANY success with fixing either of these 2 issues?

    Thanks so, so much for any advice or help you can give me.
    09-17-09 09:02 AM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Check out this thread, lots of great information and discussion about this topic.

    09-17-09 09:04 AM
  3. Joox's Avatar
    Thank you for the link, however I saw the thread and it didn't mention anything about the OTHER party sounding muffled.

    Is there anyone else who has had this issue? Would returning it be the best bet?

    I REALLY appreciate any info anyone can give me.
    09-17-09 12:21 PM